Under the Sun


A simple greeting, but as you read more of what I have to say, you will understand that simple is at the core of who I am. But I will leave the Brag Sheet page to tell you more about me.

This home page (that I call “Under the Sun” as a reference to where I am at this moment which residence is temporary) is a portal. It is an opening into my mind; no matter how frightening that statement is. To those who already know me (family – those with whom I am stuck; friends – those who are stuck with me, but are free to leave at any time), the thought of entering the mind of Gaines Irving Arnold may be a very scary proposition. But here it is. Take it for what it is and be kind.

Please enter at your own risk and realize these Seeds of Thought come to me as I read authors who are much more worthy of the title than I will ever be. I introduce every blog with a seed from which I construct the expanded thought. I hope that you will find something worthwhile here and, on the slight chance you have something to say, create a dialog.