The Natural Discontent of Being


“Even a boy can recognize that there is desert all around him though

he…sits in an oasis”

C.S. Lewis Surprised by Joy


Think of the human condition. We all have something to do. Go to work, interact with family (hopefully in a healthy way), go to church (again, hopefully), visit various stores for necessary (?) goods, go back home, eat, sleep…a cycle and by no means an exciting one. Such is life; a movement with never a crescendo. Unfaltering, but comfortable in its sameness…to a degree.

Then something upsets the apple cart (to use a timeworn expression). Maybe the job is swept from under your feet; maybe a loved one, a spouse, dies; maybe your candidate loses in a national election and every action of the clown they put in office is against the laws of human decency (no personal beliefs expressed here, just suppositions based on what some protesters might be thinking). Whatever the issue, now that comfortable sameness is obliterated and seems a far gone escape.

How petty we are.

In the above quote, CS Lewis makes a profound statement. At times, we see desert all around us. That job was the best to be had in the area and you will never again be able to find something comparable unless you move. Your loved one was your life and now that life is gone. The nation is lost forever and will never recover from the bonehead, and frankly illegal actions, of the current power that is. O, we of little faith (a slight paraphrase of Jesus words said at least five times to his disciples and general followers).

The exact quote from Lewis is that we see the desert all around us while we’re sitting in an oasis. Talk about perspective!

God is in control; did you forget that? He will give you more than you can bear (except for temptation I Cor. 10:13), unless you lean on Him. His plan for you may be a better situation, in His mercy He knew it was time for your loved one to go and He is your Comfort, the government is on His shoulders (Is. 9:6).

Remember, as Christians, we live in the midst of a beautiful oasis. The world may be a desert, circumstance may leave you dry and dusty, but “I have not seen the righteous forsaken” (Psalm 37:25b).

So, how do you regain perspective? Look down and see the oasis that surrounds you! Look up and Praise the God who defends you!

Rest in His oasis in the midst of the desert and find peace.



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