Living the Heroic Life


The fairy tale discusses what a sane man will do in a mad world.

                                                                                                                        GK Chesterton


We see our heroine as she drops out of bed, stretches her hands in the air yawning widely and then stumbles groggily toward the bathroom. Let’s take a moment while she’s away to examine the room. Whistle, whistle…glances at watch…taps foot…more whistling. Ah, here she is ready to start the day.

After dressing in casual slacks, a smart blouse and sensible flats, she heads to the kitchen (the house is a ranch) and fixes a morning smoothie. Coffee may be a better fit to her early morning need, but she’s on a health kick. Glory! She looks at the clock on the wall as she builds a frothy mustache and after a glance at her two angels (because the little monsters are still asleep) she exits the house, wiping her mouth on her sleeve (glad the kids didn’t see that), happy that it’s her husband’s day to get them off to school.

After a somewhat sleepy (the smoothie contained no caffeine) drive to work, she heads to her desk. Here is something exciting! Her itinerary reads “Speak to warehouse manager regarding silk flower order.” Delicious dreams of conflict drip from the page… Well not really. He’s a nice man who tries to make every interaction pleasant; even the ones that aren’t. (C’mon give me something here!)

Lunch is half an hour of reading at her desk, making small talk with Ellen and Joy, while eating a salad. Yuck! Cob! Then she turns her attention to the afternoon.

Unfortunately, it’s much like the forenoon after which she gets in her car and heads home. The kids get there shortly after she does, her husband is already home (he works from a home office – lucky) so she starts thinking about supper. Her husband says he’ll take them out tonight. The kids yell, “MacDonald’s” so that’s settled. A decent dinner, a little time to relax and then back to bed.

What a heroine! Did you see the way she tackled the…well not really tackled. Or the way she saved the little…okay she didn’t save anything but a few dollars on flowers. How about the way our Champion of…sure, sure she didn’t really champion anything.

Okay. It was a dull, normal, routine day filled with dull, normal, routine things. Happy now? She wants to be a hero. It’s just that when adulthood smacks you in the face, it’s hard to live up to those ideals.

GK Chesterton was a prolific, talented and sage English writer (meaning he was from England, London to be exact, not that he spoke English; which, of course, he did) at the turn of the twentieth century. The above quote “A fairy tale discusses what a sane man will do in a mad world” fits the world as it is today. Many people feel sane, but they face a world stocked with insanity. How is a person to survive?

In reality, you can’t…unless you take a few precautions (a word with the root of caution – apt).

Let’s get back to our heroine. What kind of precautions did she take against the villains and other ne’er do wells who would feign ruin her day? I admit I omitted some important facts about her day.

  1. While in the bathroom taking a shower, she prayed about her day, asked for God’s protection on her family and praised God with an off tune rendition of “Heavenly Sunlight”.
  2. She read a morning devotional as she prepared her smoothie.
  3. On the way to work she listened to a bit of wisdom from Charles Stanley that put her in the right frame of mind to tackle work.
  4. The warehouse manager was pleasant in all circumstances because he believed that the King guided his path. He also liked dealing with our heroine because she had the same Comforter and Guide.
  5. At lunch, she was able to provide some needed wisdom to a coworker and received a call on the way home about how much she was appreciated for her godly advice.
  6. The kids did their homework (with a little prompting) and talked about what they were learning in AWANA’s.
  7. At supper, the kids led the prayer and were respectful to the other people in the restaurant.
  8. Our heroine had an evening devotional and prayer with her husband before they went to bed and had a peaceful night as promised by her Father.

It may be a fairy tale to some, living for God in this crazy world, but it’s the only way to maintain some sanity.

How do you shake the insanity out of an insane world and live like a true hero? Let God order your life.


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