The Beauty of Moloch


Demonstrating absurdity by being absurd

Rush Limbaugh


What a beautiful day we’ve enjoyed today! I mean the sky, the harvest, the people. How wonderful it is to worship the king! He provides us with our all, and all we can do in return is offer praise and the sacrifice he desires. How merciful is our king!

Okay, we don’t have kings anymore, but isn’t it glorious to be free? Not to carry the burdens that once weighed us down? The sacrifice was small, both literally and figuratively, but the result was complete freedom! Think about it:

  • Before, you were running around worried about what was to come; you have been relieved of that worry.
  • What about the lifelong expense of being tied to a bad habit; he has taken that away from you too.
  • You felt belittled and put down by everyone in your community; no longer.
  • You used to be sick all the time, not with worry, actually physically sick; but that sickness, whether from stress or whatever, seems to have been taken from you.

Why wouldn’t you praise him? Why wouldn’t you lift Moloch up as the greatest of the gods?! The name does mean king after all.

He relieved you of that terrible burden. You may have felt like you passed through the fire, but you came out shining on the other end with the burden removed. And the fetus felt nothing. It may have been sacrificed, but it was worth it. Now you can move on to a prosperity you could not have known attached to a kid.

I have to stop there, or people may actually start to think I am truly praising the ancient god Moloch.

I want to illustrate something and I’ll make this short. Who is the king the world worships now above all others? Some of you may say Satan and you’d be correct to an extent. Actually, people worship the god Satan first made Eve aware of. Have you forgotten?

For God knows in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”   Genesis 3:5

The god Satan spoke of…you. Satan said you will be like God and who is more a king than God. Lucifer has always wanted us to put ourselves in His place. Now many men and women do so every day.

What is abortion? It is:

  • assuming that you are worth more than someone else.
  • believing your life is more important than another’s.
  • considering another individual to be a burden.

It is arrogance; it is playing God.

We look down on ancient people because they worshipped gods they had obviously made with their own hands. You may ask, how can you worship a god that was a piece of wood or iron a few minutes ago? I submit that people today do something much worse.

The ancient’s sacrificed to Moloch because he was king of the gods (as I said before the word Moloch means king). They believed offering their first born to him would leave them prosperous and all their future children would be healthy as a result. It was despicable, it was criminal and it was evil, but at least it had a perverted purpose that went beyond the individual. They were thinking of their family and all the children they would joyfully keep in the future. Sick, but not completely selfish.

Abortion is completely selfish. It is an act of child sacrifice, just like in the days of Moloch, but it is done, in the vast majority of cases, to relieve the parents of a burden. The mother and father have no notion of helping someone else (whether the baby’s body parts are collected for research or not), they only want to be rid of the burden that comes with carrying a child to term.

Also, make no mistake that this crime is wholly the responsibility of women. As the old saying goes, “It takes two to tango.” Whether the father is out of the picture when the abortion happens or actively involved in the decision, he is just as responsible (in God’s accounting more responsible) than the woman. They both give their baby to the fires of Moloch.

This world system is amazing. People who likely abhor the thought of child sacrifice, condone and practice it. They praise king Moloch (their false god – themselves) for ridding them of the burden; for giving them the opportunity to choose what happens with their bodies and their relationships. How sick, twisted and disgusting we have become.


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Moloch

  1. VERY true! Abortion is selfish. Women who choose abortion, however, are often deceived into thinking they have no other options. They feel trapped or pressured into the decision. My heart goes out to them. How can we help them through the deception to see the selfishness?


    • Thanks Rene. I’m with you, we need to do a better job as Christians. Can you imagine how God’s heart breaks for both the child and the mother who sees no alternative? You have a better platform than I do for talking to young women in this situation, but we all need to seek out those in desperate situations and point them to the Truth. My answer is to pray and ask for opportunities to have a conversation with anyone in this situation. As Jabez prayed “..enlarge my territory…”

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