The God-Shaped Hole


You have formed us for Yourself,

and our hearts are restless until they find rest in You.



How ignorant we are; how forgivably naïve. And that is the whole of humanity. What do we think we need? Why do we seek for something we have no hope of finding?

One more question: What am I talking about?

The late psychologist, Victor Frankl, wrote a book which I have read many times. It is at first inspiring (he survived seven years in different Nazi death camps) and it becomes educational (as he explains his theory). He wrote the entire book in his head as he labored in the prison camps, but he did something else that sounds even more incredible. He was able to get outside himself and the depredations he was experiencing, and write about the psychological realities of the camps.

He found that people didn’t die because they were weaker or sicker than other people, they died because they had no hope. He forced himself to always hope that there would be an end to the suffering. He survived where very few did.

That was the subject of his theory, logotherapy, also. He said that every person was born with some innate purpose. We all know that this purpose exists, but we do not know what it is. Thus, we search for our purpose throughout our lives. Those who find it are content and have few mental health issues; those who do not find it are desperate to do so and face psychological crisis until they do find their purpose. In other words, we are all born with a psychological hole that needs to be filled.

Frankl knew what he was talking about. His only problem, even being an ethnic Jew, was that he didn’t go far enough. He saw the hole, but he didn’t realize that all of us have the same purpose and only a few will find it (Matthew 7:13,14).

Why do I say that we are ignorant, but forgivably naive? Unfortunately, many theories have been developed that seek to answer the questions, what is the way?; why can’t I find what I seek?; why do I feel like a failure even though I am trying to find the way to happiness? And psychology is full of secular humanist answers. What do all psych theories boil down to (even the good ones like Choice Theory)? I am in control of my destiny and only I have the power to make a better future for myself.

But no matter how many times we hear it, there remains that nagging hole that will not close; the purpose that eludes us. What is that purpose? What (or should I say Who) is the end of my search?

Luckily, I have the answer. It’s found in the Bible…Revelation 3:20 as a matter of fact.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.”

There it is; your purpose unmasked.

Do you know what the greatest thing about our purpose is? We don’t have to search for it. As a matter of fact, He comes to us. The Holy Spirit speaks Christ to us and all we have to do is open the door. No work required on our part; just an acceptance of what the Spirit tells us and a willingness to respond.

God the Father, in His wisdom, placed a God-shaped hole within each of us (every human). There is only one key, one purpose, one Savior that fits. Christ. Without Him we are despondent and always searching. In that, Victor Frankl was correct. He just didn’t understand what he had been told. You can though.

Stop searching and answer the knock at the door.


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