An Angel Named Joe


We know Michael and Gabriel…

but God can just look at the crowd of angels surrounding the throne

and pick anyone at random to bind Satan.

John Hodges

I will begin this particular post by saying that I hope my pastor doesn’t read it. Why? Because something he said is the subject. Brother John (as his congregants call him) is the lead pastor at Salem Arkansas First Baptist Church. I will say for him that he is humble and brilliant. It is that last statement that he would disagree with. As is appropriate for a man of God he is also modest and humble. But those who listen to him every week know his worth to us, the sheep he has been entrusted with.

Before any reader believes that I put any man or woman on a pedestal, please think again. Believe me when I say that even though I value the teaching of Bro John, I realize he is just saying what the Spirit reveals to him. But that in itself is saying a lot. Allow me to give a piece of advice:

            Seek a church where the pastor preaches the whole counsel of God and doesn’t shirk his responsibility.

The seed I used came from a Wednesday night prayer meeting in which we, as a congregation, are being taught Revelation. We are in the glorious 20th chapter in which Satan is bound and relegated to the pit for a thousand years.

To bind Satan, God sends an angel to Earth. The Bible doesn’t mention the name of the angel which means the “who” is probably unimportant. Let’s call him Joe. Joe the angel is sent to Earth on a mission. He is to bind the former archangel, filled with light, the former director of the heavenly choir, Lucifer.

If we look at this from a human perspective, it looks daunting. God, sending just any old angel against Satan. We know he’s powerful, we know he has had the run of the world for a long time and we know Satan controls a vast army. One little angel to confront, and bind, this creature? Wow! Joe must have shown some earlier promise, right?

Can you see the angel quake in his sandals? Can you see the angel trying to raise his hand and ask God to send one of His more powerful and worthy messengers? If you see either one of those, you don’t have a clear picture of God. You don’t see the God that any heavenly angel sees every day.

Whoever the angel is that God sends, they realize who is sending them. It doesn’t matter what the mission is or who the mission concerns. God is the One Who controls; God is the One Who dictates; It is He who is I Am. Who is Satan but just another creature conjured up by the breath of God? What power does Satan actually have? None where God is concerned.

I love thinking about God in that light. “Whom shall I fear…of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1) The answer: no one. He controls everything and everyone. When He asks the angel to bind Satan, the angel realizes God is not asking him to do it in the angel’s power. The angel is doing it with the power of the God who sent him.

Shouldn’t we also realize that Satan is already bound in our own lives through the power of God?


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