Daily Polishing the Sword

No real seed today; just a few thoughts.

When you study the Bible, what do you look for?

Do you want to answer the obscure questions:

  • How did Noah get dinosaurs on the ark?
  • Do animals go to heaven?
  • Did Adam have a belly button?

They may seem interesting, but they’re really not all that important.

Maybe you’re a duty reader and think the Holy Spirit will bless you with insight if you are faithful in your daily random (or structured) reading. He may indeed bless you. However, do you see reading the Bible as a duty or a joy?

Or are you one of he millions of ‘Christians’ who has to sort through the pile on your coffee table, riffle around in the back seat of your car, or shake the dust of a week off your Bible so you can take it to church. Nice of you to let it air out once in a while, but that’s not the dedication Christ expects of us.

Bible study should be a constant and it should be with purpose.

Pick it up today. Pray that God will allow His Holy Spirit to instruct you while you read. Choose a passage that has meaning to you, or, if you are doing a daily Bible reading, seek the deeper meaning.

God will reward your faithfulness and bless your study.


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