Spiritual Entropy

Do we get better? Have we gotten better as a species since creation?
Evolution. The meaning of the term is familiar, but it has an element that most Christians don’t take into account. It has nothing to do with whether we slowly emerged from swamp and jungle; it has everything to do with how we progress as a species.
Sound the same? Here’s the difference.
The fact that God created us in his own image is important, but that is truth for all of us. We are here whether it was through millions of years of evolution or the instantaneous act of a Creator God (my personal belief); He did it regardless. But, after we arrived as humans (however one believes that happened) a question of even greater import remains. Namely, do we get better as humans as time marches…or worse?
Or, put in another way, do we get more perfect as we move away from the creative act or less so?
Here is what I believe.
In simplified terms, entropy is the natural degradation of a system; a falling away into disorder or chaos.
Think of it this way. Since creation, all life has been moving away from perfection and toward disorder. Adam was the perfect human because he was directly created by God; formed as a perfect being in God’s own image. Every iteration of that first human, even Eve, is an inexact copy continuing to get more and more imperfect as the generations progress. Scientists seem to believe that we are getting better as a species – that we are evolving toward some perfect spiritual state – when, in fact, the opposite is true.
The tendency toward sin has only accelerated that fact.
Physically we are becoming more imperfect as a species, but what about spiritually? Are we, as a species, getting better? Do we, as imperfect humans, move willfully toward a more perfect, spiritually enlightened state?
This question is more personal in nature. It is individualistic. We can’t look at two random people and say they are both progressing or digressing at the same rate spiritually. Spiritual entropy is much more variable, one might say, than physical entropy. While physical entropy affects every human equally, spiritual entropy depends on the twists and turns of personal whim.
But is that true?
Yes, it is true. Spiritual entropy moves each individual soul, for a time, during its earthly sojourn. But, that time is regulated by choice. It is a black and white proposition.
Spiritual entropy is an ongoing corruption. It’s what happens when an individual refuses to accept the Holy Ghost’s message regarding Christ and it is the death that slowly overtakes that person as he or she lives for self rather than Jesus.
Why did Christ say, “unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven” in Matthew 18:3? Why are the vast majority of Christians converted as children?
Are children the only ones naïve enough to believe the fairy tale? Or, are we supposed to revert to a childlike state physically, mentally, emotionally (as Nicodemus asked in John 3 when Jesus talked about a second birth)?
Neither is the case. We are to become as little children relationally.
We are to become like little children in our interactions with one another and with God. We are to be that trusting, that caring and that dependent.
Another point: why is it easier for children to trust Christ than adults?
Because as we develop we become accustomed to the effects of spiritual entropy. The corruption of sin wins a little more each day. Children become skeptical teens, dismissive young adults and deafen even further as they become older adults. Penetrating the thick shell of corruption becomes more and more difficult.
So what happens when that person, given to spiritual entropy, does listen?
They are regenerated. II Corinthians 5:17 says:
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.
How do we reverse spiritual entropy? By being renewed by the blood of Christ.
Are you “in Christ”? Then disdain corruption. Embrace the new and leave spiritual entropy behind.

Becoming a Christian is regeneration. It is a reversal of the entropy.


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